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What to Wear, What to Bring

When it comes to clothing options, more is more! Bring a bunch of shirt, sweater, dress, and jacket/blazer/hoodie/cardigan options that are comfortable, fit you well, and accentuate all your positives. Bright colors can be great, but black and grey and more muted colors can work well too. Bring colors that you think suit you best and that make you feel great–especially if there’s a color that brings our your eyes, or the highlights in your hair, or just suits your skin tone. It’s generally best to stay away from busy patterns or logos or anything too distracting–you want people to be looking at YOU, not your shirt! Women should bring some simple jewelry. Wear pants and shoes that make you feel attractive and comfortable–it’ll affect how you feel and your posture.Feel free to bring any music you’d like to listen to during the shoot!

The Shoot

When you arrive, you and Joel will go through all your clothing options and pick the best looks, as well as make sure that your makeup and hair are looking camera-ready. The shoot is designed to feel casual, comfortable, and relaxed–it’s important that you feel completely at ease and confident to just be yourself! You can play any music you have brought with you, and you will be able to take breaks to check hair/makeup, have a glass of water, or just relax your face muscles for a minute! The remainder of your payment is due at your session, payable by cash, check, credit card.

Then What?

I will have your edited prints with in 2 weeks time. I can put them on a disk and send them to you. You can make your own prints at a cost that is affordable to you.

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